Healthy cows are essential for a dairy farm. The farmer increasingly relies on automation to replace his own eyes and hands. Mastiline provides instruments for health monitoring of dairy cows, built into automated milking machines, to help the farmer watch over his cows.

Introducing LUCI®, our in-line SCC-monitoring instrument directly connected to the milking machine, in the stable. LUCI® takes a small sample during a daily milking. The milk is automatically analysed for sub-clinical mastitis based on Somatic cell count (SCC).

LUCI® detects early-stage mastitis using the power of nature; bioluminescent assay. Bioluminescent is commonly found in fireflies or other luminescent creatures.

The essence, Luciferine, reacts with oxygen and emits light; the intensity of the light is detected and results gathered immediately. LUCI® is based on a method that is internationally accepted and scientifically validated for SCC analysis.

Autumn 2016:
LUCI® is lab-tested.

Winter 2017:
LUCI® is field-tested.

Spring 2017:
LUCI® ships through milking equipment manufacturers.

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