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Cows used to have names; Betty, Helga. Now they just have numbers. They are milked by machines. Many farmers would never know that their cow might be suffering from mastitis until it’s too late.

Meet LUCI®; an in-line milk monitoring instrument for Somatic Cell Count directly connected to the milking machine, in the stable.

LUCI® takes a milk sample during the milking itself. Using the power of nature – bioluminescence – the milk is automatically analysed for sub-clinical mastitis based on Somatic cell count (SCC) during the earliest stages, allowing the farmer to intervene quickly.

Healthy cows are happy cows.

Each individual cow is measured independently. The data is sent on to a central database along with the registered cow number.

LUCI® is a highly sensitive device, allowing the farmer to monitor the trend and see variation in the SCC levels at very early stages, ideal for preventive treatment.

Early detection of sub-clinical mastitis followed by the appropriate treatment reduces the risk of contamination, reduces the use and cost of antibiotics. Early detection increasing the chances of recovery, and less loss of milk yield.